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Pattern Testing: Designs by Call Ajaire Paneled Sunsuit

If you like a pattern with a million options (okay, maybe I exaggerated -- it's more like...wait for it....10!!! Whoa! So many permutations -- oh wait, is that "combinations"? Never mind. I was always so terrible at math. But you get the idea. I'm talking about an amazing pattern with SO. MANY. OPTIONS.

The range is NB to 12 years old. Even better, right? It's so perfect for the summer, and if you layer it, it will be great for cooler temps, too. Warning: lots of pictures ahead.

My tester version was the shorts view for my 4-year-old:

I made the size 2T based on her chest measurements (don't worry; Ajaire goes into how to choose the right sizing for your child in the instructions!). It was a tad bit tight on her; she's not super slim -- and also I'm not used to seeing fitted clothes on my girls because of my penchant to make things a size too big. But hey, do you want to see my seam matching? Is that what it's called? I think I did all right, considering I never used to think about doing that before I started testing.

Never did I think I would be posting a "crotch shot." The things you do when you're sewing. Ha ha ha!
Lucky for me, I have two girls!! And so my younger daughter inherited the blue sunsuit, and it fit her quite well. I think she has a long torso. I made another one in size 3T for my older daughter:

This is the size 3T bodice and 4T shorts.
I altered them by making them into longer bubble shorts.

I'm sorry I can't show you the bottom of the blue sunsuit on. My little one is obsessed with her Mickey Mouse skirt and insists on wearing it every chance she gets. It was either that or deal with a tantrum in a public mall. And we all know that I am not going there. Toddlers. Mine's pretty stubborn.
And now I'm going to post a random picture of my little one jumping. She jumps all the time. I think I need to invest in a trampoline or something.

I couldn't just stop with the shorts, though. As soon as Ajaire told us there would be a skirt version, I was all over that!

Don't mind the Crocs; they're my husband's. And for the record, I am not a fan of these. I gave in and bought my daughters a pair, but they got bad blisters, so I am sticking with Saltwater sandals, which I love. In fact, I am thinking of getting a pair for myself. They are awesome. I didn't get paid to say that. I just love them.
This version is what I consider "midi-length". Or is that tea length? 
This one, made with Birch Organic (Charley Harper Octoberama) fabric, is my favorite of the bunch. I used double gauze for the bodice, and it is so soft!  I was originally saving this combination for the maxi skirt, but I discovered I didn't have enough of the double gauze for the skirt, so I changed my plans and made the knee-length version instead of the maxi dress. 
This is the maxi version. It's so pretty, but I didn't get great pictures since my daughter was running around in it all afternoon (which shows you that it's active toddler-approved!).
I really want to make more skirts, but I think I will start with some pants. And then skirts. And maybe a few tops....

You can get this awesome pattern on UpCraft Club at the moment, and also on Craftsy, where Ajaire has a great free pattern for the newborn size tank. She also has an Etsy shop (here).

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You can also have a look on Instagram with #paneledsunsuit and please share your versions, too!

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  1. You're an amazing tester! So many options! The first one is my favorite, the fabric reminds me of my favourite painting by Van Gogh, "Starry night". I'm glad it didn't go to waste.

    1. You're so kind to say so, Diana! But I'd say you're amazing!! I am partial to that first one, too, actually. I see what you mean about the Van Gogh! Now I wish I had bought more. Or that I could remember where I got it...

  2. You almost made a new wardrobe for your girls with this pattern. So many cute versions!! :-)
    Thank you for the link ;-)

    1. Ha ha, yes I suppose I almost did! I couldn't help myself; there are so many options with this that I wanted to try them all. I love your versions as well -- your style is so pretty and elegant!

  3. Wow that's being prolific ! Amazing versions : i think my favorite is the shorts in the balloon fabric 😍

    1. I think I got carried away, ha ha! The balloon one is one of my daughter's favorites, too :)


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