Tina, lover of green smoothies and sunshine!

Hello, Tina here.

I am the last third and the biggest 
procrastinator of the group!

Currently obsessed with Zero Waste and minimalism, I am looking for ways to reduce my family's household waste.

I look up in awe to Jen and Emi for their sewing prowess. Their creations are simply amazing to me, regardless of their humbleness!! I am continually inspired to create when I see these lovely ladies.

About 18 months ago, my two year old daughter started daycare and was required to have a little bag to carry her bed sheets and a tote bag for her stuff. I wasn't about to hand sew it, so I asked Emi what she recommended.

Although, I took a textiles class in college, I hadn't sewed in a decade! I basically started from relearning how to thread the needle! And there began my love-hate relationship with my Brother N37-FP machine!

What am I working on?
As much as I'd love to make lovely clothes utilizing patterns, my patience wears thin pretty quickly. I am quite lazy when it comes to properly pre-washing and ironing, tracing and cutting patterns...

So instead, I make little crafts and toys for my daughter that require less work! ;)

Right now, I have two ongoing projects--a quiet book for trip overseas (see right) and testing the next generation of these fun 
magnetic alphabet letters!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
My work differs from others in this genre in that they are very rough and no where near perfect!! Haha.

But seriously the things I sew are for the pleasure of my daughter and use in my home, so I'm not too concerned about if the fabric or bobbin thread match, or if it's a hem is a little crooked.

Emi and Jen generously share their unused fabrics and scraps with me, so I have tons of fabric with which to create! In fact, all of my crafts utilize items that I have either received from friends or off a site like Freecycle.

In that sense, I suppose my work is different from others in that it's eco-friendly by using up things that others no longer require, and would otherwise be discarded or sitting in storage.



  1. Tina! I have so much to learn from you - particularly with your eco-friendly habits and zero waste lifestyle. ;) So happy to be blogging in this space with you! <3

  2. You're so creative, Tina! It's so hard to be a minimalist and have sewing as a hobby because they seem to be opposite of one another but yet you are pulling it off! I love all the little things you make for R too! I'm also very happy to share this space with you. It's so awesome how the 3 of use are so different when it comes to sewing and crafts :)

  3. Thank you both! I am so thankful to have someone to bounce my crazy ideas off of! Not only that, I get thoughtful advice on how to actually get it done!! :)

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