My new pants and first zipper in over a decade!

I don't sew that much.
I do like to sew. And would love to make lots of stuff.

But, I just don't get around to it.
However, the past week I did a bunch of crafting!

I admit, the quiet book was put together with a hot glue gun for the most part, but I did do some sewing too!! Just some buttons, a zipper, and the binding, but still I sewed! :)

Buy it here

That reminds me! When I shared my quiet book the other day, but I neglected to share an image of the zippered pouch at the back of the book!

Having not done a zipper since I took Textiles 101 in college,
I had to look up how to do it! My trusty book from said course (and YouTube) has been oh-so-handy in times of need like this!

When I discussed with Jen and Emi about making a zipper for the quiet book, Jen asked if I had a zipper foot. A whaaa? I had no idea if my machine came with one.

When it came time to sit down and start the zipper, the instruction booklet was no where to be found. I rummaged through the little compartment and saw that there were two feet. One was crazy looking and surely not the one...but the other looked suspiciously like it could work. Now, how do I get the existing foot off???

Considering it's been so long and I really had no idea if the foot I was using was indeed the zipper foot, I'm really proud of myself for successfully doing a functioning exposed separating zipper!!

As I mentioned before, my sewing and crafting isn't perfect, or even that good, but I am pleased that my daughter has taken a liking to the quiet book :)

Moving NEW pants! So, I have a pair of Thai fisherman pants that were a spur of the moment purchase many years ago. I loved the fabric, but decided after getting them home, that I DID NOT love how I had to fold the sides in and tie each time. Not to mention, they kept coming undone and the fear of flashing everyone was REAL. So, they sat in storage hardly used.

So sad, because the fabric is very comfy and great for humid summer weather.

Fast forward. I got them out the other day while preparing for my Summer Capsule wardrobe, and wondered if I could sew an elastic inside to make them wearable!

With some kindly advice from Emi (I just love being able to get advice so quickly!!), I whipped up a new pair of pants!! I did no cutting, just folded the top edge down to make a casing for the elastic.
I even got the iron out and pinned! Ha!

The excess fabric makes for a slightly frumpy look. However, I tried them out for an errand tonight and they are so comfy!! I just need to take up the hem a couple centimeters and they will feel perfect!

What do you think? Should I try and take some fabric out to make it look more tailored? Mind you, I have NO IDEA how to do that....


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