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When I first began pattern testing, never did I think I would get to test for Celina of Petit a Petit and Family. I know I am not alone in admiring Celina for her impeccable taste and super cool style. If you don't already follow her on Pinterest, you might want to take a look!

When I saw the first images of the Morocco Pants & Shorts pattern, I was smitten (well, as "smitten" as you can get with a pattern, ha ha). It was in another lifetime, but I had visited Marrakech and loved the colors I saw while I was there, particularly the bright blue color. I knew I wanted to make a pair of shorts inspired by what I had seen and experienced. So I put on some Tinariwen (though not Moroccan) and reminisced for a bit. tea....

Okay, back to the pattern. My favorite part of the pants is the tuxedo stripe. Oh, and the welt pockets (you'll love how they are quite practical and deep!). These are not a quick sew, but they are satisfying. I felt a bit more confident going into this intermediate pattern, thanks to the Aberdeen Jacket. Check out my back pockets! Not perfect, but not bad, right?
My daughter saw this and asked why her pants "have a face on the butt."
Ha! Needless to say, I decided not to go with the buttons for this pair. 

See how excited I was?? I made my daughter try them on before I was finished hemming them because I just couldn't wait -- er, I mean, because I had to check the length on her. Ahem. 
The whole time I was making these shorts, my main thought was "I want a pair for meeeeee!" I still do, Celina, if you're listening. Okay, just thought I'd try....

I have to admit that the zip fly was intimidating. Don't worry; the instructions are detailed and will walk you through the process. If I can do it, so can you! Seriously. That said, my daughter is 4 years old and not really into wearing pants with a zip fly. She's still more a pull-on-your-pants-and-get-outside-playing kind of girl, and I can't say I blame her. So with Celina's permission, I made a longer pair with a fully elasticated waist.
And look! Skulls! I've been saving this fabric for forever.
Too bad I didn't match the front stripe. But the back pockets look pretty good!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen these.
Sorry, I'm just a little too proud of them.
Whoa, that's a lot of pink! Well, I did warn you it's my favorite color.
Isn't the top cute? It's a Japanese sewing pattern and the fabric is from Miss Matatabi.

And then because I just couldn't help myself, I decided that my daughter needed a "fancy" pair for no reason other than I had some of that great Cotton + Steel canvas left over from my jacket.
Recognize the sparkle canvas? Yep! It's from my Ziggy jacket!
I paired it with the Oliver and S Art Museum Vest, also in a size 4.

I couldn't leave out my 2-year-old, but I also didn't want to make her pants that she would only wear for one summer, so I made a size 4T for her, too. They were, of course, too big and I had to hem the pants a lot, but my poor kids are used to wearing clothes that are baggy on them because Mom wants them to last longer than one season, ha ha.

And finally -- the pair that I wanted to make from the moment I started testing: my "Morocco inspired" shorts!

I got really lazy with these and didn't do proper back pockets, so what you see is just the flaps.

I couldn't find the perfect fabric for what I had in mind, but I thought this fabric was close enough. If you squint your eyes and listen to the Tinariwen I mentioned above, that is. No one has ever accused me of being a perfectionist, ha ha.

Unfortunately, most of the tops I make are tunic length, so they cover the detail in the front.
But hey, at least you can still see the flaps in the back!
So I hope I have convinced you that these shorts are perfect for summer, and come fall, I am sure I'll be making more of the pants version. If you love them as much as I do, head on over to the website. You can also buy the pattern here.

And now I'll leave you with some Bob Dylan, just because.



  1. Your sewing skills are amazing! Each one is better than the last! Love them all!

    1. You're too kind!! I love yours, too -- so cool!! <3

  2. Love them all! They are all amazing... I have to buy this pattern 😉😘

    1. Thank you so much! And I guess I don't have to tell you twice how much I love this pattern -- I'm sure you'll make an amazing pair! I want to see them when you do ;)


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