Pattern Testing: Tip Top and Dress by Petit à Petit and Family

The newest pattern by Petit à Petit and Family, the Tip Top, Tunic and Dress, was released today, and I am in love with this pattern!

When Celina first posted a sneak peek in her Facebook group (here), I knew I had to make one for my daughters. In fact, I ended up making waaaaay more than one, ha ha ha. I think I might have made six tunics/dresses (or maybe it was closer to um...10...heh heh) of them during the course of testing, which, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know this. There is something about Celina's patterns that I find really addictive. In fact, I secretly think of this as the "Lays potato chip dress" because I betcha can't make just one! Go on! I dare you! It's on sale for $7 for the next two weeks in the shop.

There are lots of fun options with this pattern, and it's labeled confident beginner. I tested the most basic version, Option B (elasticized neckline and no pockets), which I think is beginner-friendly.

This one was my first attempt - as you can see, I struggled with hemming on a curve with this double gauze fabric. But let me assure you, after making all of my versions, I am now pretty darn good at it, if I do say so myself, lol. I think that's the "confident" in "confident beginner" speaking, ha!
I tried the pleated version next, because after seeing some of the beautiful tester versions of it, I knew I wanted to try making one, too. I made it for my friend's daughter.

Getting there, right?
So then, because I felt ready to try Option C and add a little piping or at least mix things up, I made these:

For this version, I used gold piping and some leftover pink linen from a tunic I had made for myself.
I used flat piping (otherwise known as bias tape, ha ha) and sewed on a little flower. Later, I added two more because the one was looking a bit lonely by itself.
Here is my youngest, wearing the three-flower version.
During testing, Diana made a really pretty one for her niece, which inspired my version above. Check hers out here. Really sweet!

Wow, this is turning into a photo-heavy post. Sorry about that. Just a few more, I promise!
And because I really wanted to try out the double sleeves, I made this version with a really lightweight woodblock print fabric I got from Humongous in Fabric Town, Nippori. Isn't it pretty?
I added a ruffle bit to the front neckline, but I'm not so sure about it now. I think there is enough going on with this special dress not to have to add any embellishments. But I wanted to experiment. And see? It's definitely playtime-friendly!
And for my last version that I'm showing you, I used one of my favorite prints from nani IRO. I also changed around the sleeves by lining them. Because, well, you know -- I was feeling lazy again more confident about hemming on a curve that I thought it was okay to try something else.

I didn't have enough of my precious fabric to make the front and back panels without cutting them, so I borrowed fellow tester Andreia's idea and cut the panels in half to make the front and back. I also did a gathered hem with the keyhole in the back. I kind of like this look better than the elasticized version, even. 
So there you have it. My (too many?) Tip Tops and Dresses. You know I'm not going to stop, right? I am determined to make one for myself, ha ha ha! You think I'm kidding? Stay tuned....

I'd love to see your versions! Please leave a comment and let me know where I can find yours, tag #tiptopdress on Instagram, or join the Petit a Petit Patterns Facebook Group to share your makes!



  1. All your versions are adorable! The lined sleeves look great, such a good idea!
    Loved the idea of the "Lays potato chip dress" lol, so true :-)

    1. Thanks, Maria! I love your version, too! So lovely and elegant, like all of the clothes you make!

  2. Every single one is special! I think Celina could have made the pattern test with just your versions Emi... lol

    1. You are too kind, Diana! And yes, sometimes I do wonder if I went a bit overboard, ha ha ha!

  3. You are the celina group test! So many tip tops you sewed!!! Definitely you could sew it with closed eyes! Lovely all you dresses!

    1. Oh no no no, not true! Without all your lovely tops and dresses for inspiration, I would have been lost. Your floral version is just gorgeous!
      Also, I never made one with pockets during the test. Speaking of which, I'd better do that version, too...heh heh heh!


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