Pattern Testing: Hula Hoop Dress by Puperita

Puperita patterns have long been on my to-sew list, but you know how sometimes you keep putting things off until you "finish this one more thing"? I think it's called procrastinating. Not that I do often. But after testing the Hula Hoop Dress, my first thought was "I love it! Why did I wait so long to sew something of hers???"

This is the picture of the Hula Hoop Dress from the Puperita Etsy shop:

Isn't it cute? It's for newborns to 6 years old. The pattern is beginner-friendly, and offers the option of snaps or buttons on the back, which was perfect for me. I was also hoping for something that was relatively quick and fun to sew (sometimes a girl just wants to take it easy, you know?), but I was surprised at how quickly this came together. I tested the 2YRS size on my two-year-old.

Here is the first version of the dress before Annalisa made a few changes. I went by her height and chest measurement, so it was actually the size 18M. I like the roomy fit. I didn't have enough of the whale fabric to make the skirt, so I dug out some of my precious linen that I had used for end-of-the-year teacher presents (tote bags) because the color went so well with the whale fabric. In fact, I think I like it better this way.

I didn't cut the back skirt in 2 pieces as directed by the pattern because I barely had enough as it was and didn't want to lose extra cm cutting it in half just to sew it back up together. 
Turns out I didn't have quite enough of the linen either (that's been happening to me a lot these days), so there wasn't as much fullness in the skirt as there should have been, but I think it still works.

Annalisa wasn't satisfied with the neckline and the overall sizing in the first version, so she went back and made some more changes, and the final version is just perfect. I sized up to a 2YRS this time because I wanted to make sure she still had room to grow into it and liked how the previous version fit.
Can I just say how difficult this girl is to photograph? Those of you with little ones, please tell me how you do it! I can't seem to get the camera (okay, my iPhone) to focus quickly enough because she's constantly on the move!

I let my daughter choose the fabric she liked. I believe it's called "Seven Seas" by Michele Brummer-Everett for Cloud 9 Fabrics. And it's 100% organic! Isn't that great? I wanted to make sure she would like the dress and wear it because I so rarely make things for her. Poor thing usually just gets all her sister's hand-me-downs.

Don't mind the green buttons. I figured I could always change them later, right? ;)

Okay, one last picture to show you how happy she was about the twirly dress:

You can join the Facebook group to share your pictures with other Puperita makers! And get a copy of the pattern here or here.

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