Time for School Capsule: Bottoms

There were so many bottoms to choose from that I had a really difficult time narrowing it down. Or do I say that every time? Ha ha, I think I do, actually.

So here are the contenders:

First up, the Clover Shorts by Mouse House Creations for Willow & Co.

These shorts have been on my to-make list for just about forever. I bought them way back when, but kept putting it off because I thought they would be too difficult to make, but actually (and not surprisingly), the directions are really clear and the finished product is very cute! So worth it. Sorry, but you'll have to wait to see the pair I made.

Next are these super cute Clemence Shorts from Filles a Maman.

I made two pairs, and added some piping to one of them, just for a little bling factor. And because I'm all about shiny and sparkly these days. Seriously, I can't stop. I was worried the piping shorts would turn out to be too comical in a "kindergartener-does-Shakespeare" scenario gone wrong, but I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. The WIP is here.

Okay, confession time. I am a huge fan of culottes. I loved them as a little girl. Though, it was the 80s and I think they were referred to as "gaucho pants." Ha ha ha! Makes me think of that Drew Barrymore movie. You know which one I'm talking about? I was so Josie. But I think that is revealing a bit too much information about me.

So, moving right along... Gauchos I mean, Culottes were the best of both worlds because they were like a skirt, but you could run around in them as though you were wearing pants and not have to worry about your underpants showing. A big consideration if you were a somewhat modest girl (or had parents who were concerned with modesty) who liked climbing up on jungle gyms. These Culottes from Madeit Patterns are just perfect in every way.

Just be careful when making your purchase (ha ha, notice how I said "when"?) that you already have the Petal Fold Playsuit (here) because the Culottes and matching Top are a supplement pattern, and you won't have all the pieces you need to make them unless you own the Playsuit as well. Oh go on. You won't regret it. Seriously, you won't. I'll show you the outfit I made in another post.

That said, I couldn't NOT make a skirt from the Fold Collection. And isn't this cool and modern Pocket Fold Skirt the best?

I love it so so much. I mean, look at those folds! Big heart eyes here. I made a few versions already, here and here. I am going to attempt making one for myself one of these days.

The Paneled Sunsuit pattern from Call Ajaire, which I posted about here, also has a great skirt and pants option. It's not just a sunsuit, folks! If time permits, I want to make more tops, too.

Finally, I couldn't complete my capsule without a snazzy pair of pants, now could I? Well, that is where Petit a Petit's Morocco Pants comes in.

Amazing details. Amazing fit. Amazing cool factor. You must own these. I don't get paid for saying this, by the way. I just love these pants. I am still waiting for a women's version. Hello, my name is Emi, and I am a Morocco Pants fan girl. You can see my love for them in this post.

Well, there you have it. What bottoms will you be sewing? Please leave a comment and let me know! You can also join the sew-a-long on Facebook here. If you're on Instagram, you can use the hashtag #TFScapsule.

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  1. Great choices! Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. Thanks, Diana!! I'm pretty excited about all of these :)

  2. Thanks for including the Paneled Sunsuit pattern :) This is a great list. I already love the clemence and I've been dying to get my hands on the pocket fold skirt. You NEED to make one for you!

    1. There is no way I couldn't include it, Ajaire!! It's such a staple item! You've made it even more amazing with the new sleeve add-on <3


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