Madeit Patterns Fashion Week 2015 - Part 2: And all the rest

So here I am with Part 2 because I just couldn't stop with just one post. This is a mini-round-up of some of my other "creations" (heh heh, I always laugh when I hear that word) using Madeit Patterns. Most of them you have probably already seen on my Instagram feed, but I thought I'd put them together here for your viewing pleasure (wow, I'm so full of cliches today).

I wanted to do something a little different for the Petal Fold Top, so I made some bias tape with the fabric I used for the Petal Fold Culottes, and sort of winged it when it came to the binding around the neck. In hindsight, I should have had it go all the way round the neckline, but I wasn't thinking logically when I was putting it together. That seems to happen to me quite often. Don't know why...

I think of this as my "Japanese-style" Petal Fold Separates outfit (by the way, please keep in mind that you need to own the Petal Fold Playsuit pattern first because the Separates pattern is an add-on). I thought that since this was an origami-inspired collection, it would be nice to incorporate some fabric that (to me, at least) seemed quite Japanese. And it works, right? Oh, just humor me, people.

I put snap buttons in the back because I was too afraid to attempt buttonholes on this crepey fabric. I might have to redo it, though, or else try a zipper, because after I washed it two of the snaps came off. Gah! Maybe I should have done this in knit (now there's an idea!), so she could just pull it on over her head. The over-the-head style seems to be a favorite around here these days.

This was my very first item that I sewed up, I think: the Pocket Fold Skirt. I love this skirt so much that I made 4 of them so far. This one is the "Goodnight Moon" one. I am still planning to try to make one for myself, but don't hold your breath because the skirt I may not be picture-worthy. My post-childbirth body is not what it used to be, ha ha.

The Pleat Fold Top was the second pattern I tried from the collection. So much love for this top. So. Much. Love. I might have made 4 of these as well. But who's counting? Actually, no, don't do it, please. It's embarrassing.

Doesn't the nani IRO fabric work so well with this top? I'm really starting to think that my children have a better wardrobe than I do. Something needs to be done about this.

And for my final outfit (drumroll, please!), may I present the one I think of as the "Melon Sherbet" outfit. I just love that pretty peach color. It's "Sprinkle" from Cotton + Steel (purchased from Miss Matatabi here). The fabric for the Culottes is a cotton/poly suiting blend that I purchased locally. I love it because they don't really wrinkle, which is essential for my kids' clothes.

Did you see that gold piping? I am all about the sparkle these days. 

Because I couldn't stop myself when I saw this amazing fabric in Miss Matatabi's shop (available here), I had to make one more outfit. I mean, come on! It's metallic! It's got cranes! And they're probably origami cranes! 

It's from the Kokka Ellen Baker Monochrome collection and it's a cotton/linen blend.

Okay folks, that's all the "origami" you're getting from me!

Thank you so much, Olu and Anna, for inviting me to participate in this super cool Fashion Week!! It was an honor to be a part of such a fabulous event.

Madeit Patterns is offering 20% off the Fold Collection for the duration of the tour, so hurry! You have one more day left!

 Madeit Patterns
You can shop Madeit Patterns here.

There is a giveaway every day, so be sure to visit the Madeit Facebook page or Instagram to be the first person to answer the question correctly to win a pattern.

There is also a prize from the sponsor, Nosh. And this little note from Olu:

"All you have to do is leave a comment on Needle and Ted on Day 7 of Fashion Week saying what the highlights of the Fashion Shows were for you. The winner will be chosen from the comments and notified by email the following week. And there will be another giveaway on Instagram to win the other €50 Nosh voucher."
Here is the schedule for the tour. Everyone's shows have been mind-blowingly amazing!! If you've missed any of them, I highly recommend going back to have a look.

Monday 31 August

Kid Approved Girl Like the Sea Huisje Boompje Boefjes

Tuesday 1 September

Kimme Sew Crazy Pienkel Chi Chi Romeo and Me Our Chez Nous

Wednesday 2 September

Neil and Nikki In a manner of Sewing Creative Needles and Threads As it Seams

Thursday 3 September

Climbing the Willow Fliegfederfrei Fairies and Bubbles Co Sew Thrifty East and Eden

Friday 4 September

Just Add Fabric So-Cal Sewing Mom Sansahash Miss Castelinhos Sewing Sober

Saturday 5 September

Made by Toya My Cosy Co Paisley Roots Diorella Fruits de Mère

Sunday 6 September

Round Up and Reviews: Needle and Ted Climbing the Willow Swoodson says


  1. Super! so nice again! bravo

    1. Thank you so much!! Can you tell that I love all the patterns from the collection, heh heh.

  2. Yes, Sasha is stunning. Such a beautiful little model.

    Your blog post had me giggling from beginning to end. I have never know someone to name each item of clothing they make.

    Thank you so much for being part of Madeit Fashion Week

    1. Ha ha, Olu. Some people name their cars, I name my outfits. Not all the time, mind you. Just when inspiration hits, ha ha ha ha. Okay, I'll stop before you think I'm totally nuts. Thank you again -- I loved making everything from Fold|2. I'm sure I'll be making more! <3

  3. Wowww Emi your are the best ! Love each fabric choice and the pattern collection is amazing! Really good work! i think your girls have one new garment for each day in the year if you don't stop sewing that much!


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