Madeit Patterns Fashion Week: The Fold Collection

It's here! It's here! It's finally here!! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be part of this tour. Beyond excited, actually. Have you seen what has been showcased already? Totally amazing. In fact, I can't believe I am part of the tour.

You may already have seen some of my posts on Instagram, showing you bits of what I have sewn using Olu and Anna's cutting edge Madeit patterns. Well, here is the one I have been saving for the tour.

I think of this outfit as "Shiny and Pink." Pretty imaginative, right? Ha ha! For the Pleat Fold Top, I used some of my precious Cloud9 voile that I had been saving for myself. Luckily I have enough still left for something for me. C'mon, I'm not that nice!

For the Pocket Fold Skirt, I used a bright pink denim that I bought on a shopping spree in Nippori Fabric Town. For the pocket part, I used some of my favorite sparkly Cotton + Steel fabric that I bought from Miss Matatabi. You might remember it from other projects I've made ;) As you can see, I'm quite fond of it.

I didn't get to use the buttons I originally intended because I made this skirt one size larger than what she currently wears (I wanted her to wear it for a while), so I opted to use these temporary ones, so I could move them when her waist grows. The other ones were nicer, but oh well. Later. Maybe.

She totally didn't get the idea of "walking the runway," so I told her to pretend she was an airplane. She ignored my suggestion and decided to be an eagle. It sort of worked. Um, not really.

So here is the "origami" part of the post. All credit goes to my husband, who, when I asked him to "whip up something", spent a long time searching the internet looking for something that could entertain the girls as well as look cool. I was all, "But you're Japanese! Why can't you do origami??" I don't know why that comment went unappreciated, ha.

This Pleat Fold Top was made with some linen that I bought ages ago from Check and Stripe. I think. The Petal Fold Culottes were made with some nani IRO fabric that I bought in Nippori Fabric Town. It's perfect for autumn/winter because it's like a flannel type cotton. I'm not sure how to describe it.


When I saw the Kite Fold Tee, I knew I had to make it for my girls. It is just too too cool. Maybe too cool for me, but that never stopped me before. You've probably already seen the terrific boy versions on the other days of the Fold Collection Fashion Week here, here, and here.

See those origami dinosaurs? Well, that's my lame attempt at origami, ha ha! She's pretending that they're fighting over some meat.
Do you want to see what happened when I tried doing origami with my girls?


Um...yeah. All those ripped up pieces were supposedly "meat." Those dinos were hungry!

Anyway, here's the back of the tee:

The fabric I used for the back is Lisette knit that my good friend brought back for me from Australia. Thanks, Beth! The others are bits and pieces from my stash. This pattern is so great for using up scraps, too!

I made two versions, modeled by my girls (both shirts are a size 4, which is why it looks a little big on my Tiny Miss, age 2.5).

This is the same top on Little Miss.

I really wanted to make a pair of Book Fold Trousers to go with the shirts, but I ran out of time. They are on my ever-growing list, though! That and the Balloon Fold Dress. I've even got some knits I ordered from Nosh making their way to me....

Oh heck. I want to sew everything. I think I need to save up some money, heh heh.

Speaking of which, Madeit Patterns is offering 20% off the Fold Collection for the duration of the tour.
 Madeit Patterns
You can shop Madeit Patterns here.

And be sure to take a look at Needle and Ted's fabulous blog where she has been posting about Madeit Fashion Week. There is a giveaway every day, so be sure to visit the Madeit Facebook page or Instagram to be the first person to answer the question correctly to win a pattern.

There is also a prize from the sponsor, Nosh. Lovely fabrics! Really! As I said, I bought some from their website (they have some really great fabric on sale, too).

So if you're interested in the giveaway, here is a note from Olu:

"All you have to do is leave a comment on Needle and Ted on Day 7 of Fashion Week saying what the highlights of the Fashion Shows were for you. The winner will be chosen from the comments and notified by email the following week. And there will be another giveaway on Instagram to win the other €50 Nosh voucher."
Check out the amazing bloggers on this tour - trust me; you will NOT want to miss a thing!! Oh, and I'll be back with a second post on Sunday ;)

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  1. Fabulous fabulous fabulous! Do you sleep? haha, you made so many versions all sooooo good! I loved your girls with kite fold tees, i think i´m making a version for my girl too! <3

    1. Sleep? Ha ha! Sleep is for sissies!! No I'm totally kidding. I need more sleep - I think that's why my brain doesn't work anymore. But these patterns are so worth it. And you should totally make the Kite Fold Tee!! Your girl would rock it!

  2. WOW made so much and it's all SO perfect. I absolutely LOVE your fabric choices! Your girls are some very very lucky ladies! And I'm still laughing at your poor husband and the origami pressure ;-))

    1. Thank you, Mie! It means so much coming from you <3 And yes, my husband, ha ha ha! After he made it (sweating profusely all through the project), he looked at me with a triumphant "Ta-da!" face. Lol.

  3. I love all the looks, but I want the pink and yellow kite fold tee with the little stars for myself! Yellow is my favorite color, and I don't see it paired with pink very often, which I don't understand since it's such a happy color combo :)

    1. Thank you so much, Teri!! I wasn't so sure about the combination at first, but once it came together, I was pretty happy with it as well. I love how it's such a cool take on a basic tee!

  4. Emi!! I love the fabric combination of all, but I'm totally in love with the Tshirts!! so cleverly mixed.

    1. Awwww, thank you so much. Although I love everything, I suspect the tees will probably get the most wear. I might have to make more, heh heh!

  5. Loved all the outfits you've made!! The Kite Fold Tee worked wonderfully for girls ;-)

    1. Thank you, Maria. The Tee does seem to be a popular one. I love how the boy patterns work well on girls, too :)

  6. Suuuuuper Emi!! Wowww the "shiny and pink" outlook is what every girl would cry for! Loove it! So cute the shiny and blue too :) and those hungry dinosaurs :))))

    1. Thank you so so much!!! <3 My daughter is really fond of that one. She is all about "shiny" at the moment, and pink is always a winner -- though lately she has been moving more towards blue (hence the dinosaur, ha ha).

  7. Those dinosaurs with their paper is just cracking me up! So cute! Love the outfits. I adore that pink skirt and the shirts are so fun!

    1. Thanks so much! As you can imagine, my girls had the most fun making "food" for the dinosaurs, ha ha ha.

  8. Oh WOW Emi!! how many outfits did you make??? they are all stunning and the dinosaurs eating meat, hilarious!
    Thanks so much for taking part I have loved seeing all the garments you've made out of that beautiful fabric you have :)

    1. Thank you for having me on the tour, Anna! I really enjoyed making every single piece and look forward to making even more. I love that your patterns are so very cool and wearable at the same time! You and Olu have created an amazing collection!

  9. Oh! I like what you have sewn! Especially the T-shirts, I love the soft colors of your fabrics.:)

    1. Thank you! The Kite Fold Tee is great - so many possibilities!


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