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Hey look! I actually made something that I can write a post about! Bet you guys forgot that there's a 3rd member to this blog, eh? Emi is always telling me to post more on the blog but since I don't sew as much as she does, I rarely have anything to share. 

Recently, I joined a craft swap on Facebook. I was really excited about the swap until I was assigned a partner. Then I realized I actually had to make something and send it to my partner. Not only that but I found out my partner didn't have kids! So I kinda freaked out and spent a few days Googling ideas for things to make. That's how I came upon this nice little Gadget Cozy pattern on Craftsy.

The Gadget Cozy is actually a really quick project to put together if you have a lot of felt on hand. Mine took a little longer since I decided to make my own flower design and not use the default ones from the pattern. This is what the original pattern is suppose to make.

I love the earth tones on the pouches. It's just so pretty to look at :) However, I noticed that my partner really likes flowers so I decided to go with a more spring-y design instead.

I modified the straps a little bit to make it more versatile since the original pattern was just a sewn-on loop strap. This way, my partner can use the pouch with the strap on one side like in the first picture or she can use it like this

I also added the optional pocket on the back so that she can hold earbuds or a tissue pack.

I actually had to enlarge the pattern because I wanted it to fit an iPhone 6 Plus just in case my partner has a big phone. If she doesn't then it would be a great little pouch to hold any small accessories and whatnots she may have.

I think this pouch would make a great little gift for Christmas especially if you use the smaller version of the pattern as a gift card holder. I know my kids want me to make them one too because they think it's cute. I wouldn't mind making one for myself too, haha. 

In case you're looking for the pattern, you can find it here Gadget Cozy

Jen :)


  1. I love this pouch, Jen! I like how you modified the straps to make it more versatile. Such a nice gift! <3


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