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Today is my day to join the Gracious Threads New Look tour. I'm really happy to be part of the tour celebrating the website relaunch. And right now, the patterns are being offered at 40% off!! What are you waiting for? You can get the patterns here.

To celebrate the relaunch, the participating sewists were asked to make a "new look" using the patterns. I interpreted this as something "new to me," though I could have gotten that totally wrong, which I have been known to do. I decided to go out of my comfort zone of girls dresses and tops and try something different. I made the Lazy Days Lounge Pants and wow, I am so happy I did. My daughter loved them so much that I made her another pair. And my younger one is now waiting for a pair just for her.

First up: the "fox pants" that are now my daughter's favorite pajama pants.

I'd been saving this fox fleece for what feels like forever. They are the Cloud9 Fanfare flannels designed by Rae Hoekstra. I also have the elephant ones, which will go to my younger daughter. My older daughter had been asking me to make her "something, anything" with the foxes for a while now, and I think she had just about given up. And then I did! But...I made these a while ago and I wouldn't let her wear them until I had photographed them for the tour. I know, I know. Terrible mom. But never fear - she wears them to bed regularly now, so don't worry!

Okay, on to the next outfit. The one I think of as the "Spanish Matador" outfit (well, minus all that beautiful embroidery). It was totally unintentional, but once she put it on, all I could think was, "Olé!" Heh heh. I think it must be the ribbon in the front. Or maybe the color? It's from Nosh Organic Fabric, and I love it. It's the denim look, college in a deep red color. Burgundy? Unfortunately it's no longer available, but take a look at some of the other beautiful knits they have on the website.

So, as an aside, my sister and I went on a weekend trip to Barcelona one time, and we had such a blast. (Wow, I miss living in Europe.) I remember we were chatting and half falling asleep one night, and around 3am, we suddenly heard a drunken, triumphant-sounding shout: "Las Ramblas!!!" For some reason, we found it hilarious and couldn't get back to sleep for laughing so hard. Fun times.

Anyway, back to the outfit. I paired the pants with the Glacier Vest, which I also made in a size 5. This is all about trying something new, so I said to myself, why not put them together?

I think the fit on these items is great. She is a size 5 and the length works well on her. I was tempted to make the pants a bit longer so that they would last beyond this season, but she has been complaining lately that everything I make for her is "too big," so I opted to make them in the right size. I'm glad I did.

Don't ask me why she decided to pose with the bear. It's her little sister's, but I guess she thought it would go well with the outfit. Who knows what goes on in the minds of little girls?

Look! Can you see in the pockets I used some more of that fabulous Nosh star jacquard fabric? The grey is no longer available, but there is still black. I might have to get that as well....

And now for the sides. I love how they turned out, but initially I wasn't paying attention to the instructions and I sewed it all closed BEFORE sewing the sides together -- doh!! Late night sewing, I tell you, it gets me every time. But then I realized I could make it a design feature! Ha ha ha, I'm all about the "Yes, I meant to do that. It's part of the look." But this time, it actually turned out looking pretty cool.

Do you like how I closed it with the buttons? Of course I had to let my husband play a part (otherwise he feels left out), so I asked him to choose the buttons.

I'm happy with the way it looks, and glad that I got a chance to try something new! Plus, my daughter loves comfortable (yet stylish) clothes as much as she loves her "princess dresses," so this is a total win.

Now go check out all the stops along the tour! There is some really great inspiration!!

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  1. Every girl needs comfy clothes in her wardrobe too :) The other say my daughter asked me to make her a pair of track pants! The fox pants are so cute and the look so soft I want a pair for myself! Posing with a bear is perhaps better than posing with a bread bun or a piece of cheese which my daughter has done on more than one occasion :D

    1. My daughter has asked for more! And my little one often wears pants under her skirts, so I think I will be making more of these ;) Ha ha, I think food is always a good prop!!

  2. The button detail completely looks intentional! I love it!

    1. Thank you! I'm relieved it worked out in the end!


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