Pattern Testing: The Trinity Tee by Rock the Stitch

You probably have heard me mention many times that my pattern testing adventures began with the women's Aberdeen Jacket from Rock the Stitch. It was thanks to Rebecca taking a chance on me that I entered the testing world (as a total beginner, no less!). So you can imagine I was very excited when I heard she was working on her next pattern, this time for kids! The Trinity Tee.

One of my favorite details about the Trinity Tee is that it has gathers at the shoulder, as you can see above. I think it adds a lovely, feminine touch. The other special detail is the triangular accent panel, which can be made using a knit or woven fabric. I went with a knit that I had been saving for some time. I finally decided I needed to use it before my girls became to "grown up" for these kinds of fun prints. 

Isn't the back nice as well? (Um, yeah, sorry about the messy hair. This is my youngest, and...well...she's a free spirit, which means no brushing her hair, especially after rolling around in the grass and allowing me to pick out all the leaves.) 

There is an exposed zipper option for the back, which I believe is recommended if you use a woven fabric for the accent panel and/or the neckline binding. It's a good opportunity to make use of that pretty lace zipper you've been saving. 

Check out that high-low hem! Hm, maybe I didn't manage to capture it in this photo. But trust me, it's awesome. I love the swingy feel to the tee. 

Better yet, my little one loves this top. I cannot tell you how stubborn fussy particular she has become of late about what she wears. It's like a never-ending fashion battle. Recently, she has started saying that if something is not "fluffy" (i.e., knit), she will not wear it. Fun times.

So, on to the pattern details. The sizing runs from 12 months - 14 years. It is layered, which means that you only have to print the size(s) you need. The tutorial comes with illustrations and a cool "cheater's method" of adding an exposed zipper. I think I will have to try that one next! 

There are also 3 sleeve options: short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeves. My first tester version was a 3/4 sleeve one that I made for my older daughter:

You can see that the neckline was a bit too wide (it's been fixed since the first version I made) and I think I made the visible binding a little too "thick" as well. I could nit pick on a few other things, but it's all been fixed! In other words, please don't worry; it's totally user error and not the pattern. 

I also went for the visible hem on both versions. Luckily you can't really tell that I cut the print without thinking it through, so the poor party animals ended up being upside-down. I might have done that for the cuffs as well, but shhh! Let's not talk about that.

The Trinity Tee is on sale until Tuesday, February 16. You can get it here. Use the code "Trinity" for 20% off!

There are also some really pretty versions made by my fellow testers. I encourage you to go visit their blogs to see their pretty tees!

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Happy sewing!!


  1. Soooo cute!! I love the mix of print and plain fabrics too. Oooh, sometimes I wish I still had a little girl to dress up in cute stuff! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Carolyn! <3 It's such a great pattern for mixing fabrics and color blocking! And it is fun to dress up little ones, isn't it? I already feel as though my girls are growing up too quickly...

  2. I read this before and just realized I hadn't commented. Your Tees are awesome; you shouldn't nit-pick so much :)
    I am so happy that I met you in this sewing/blogging world. You have come so far and never fail to impress! Thanks for sharing Emi!!

    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca! I am so happy to have discovered this whole amazing world of supportive sew-ers! Looking forward to your next pattern already ;) (No pressure, haha!)


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