One Thimble Issue 13 Blog Tour

Today I'm joining some wonderful bloggers to show you two patterns I made from One Thimble's Issue 13.

When I heard that one of my favorite PDF designers, Filles a Maman, was a contributor to the issue, I jumped at the chance to be part of this blog tour. One Thimble is an incredible digital sewing magazine that has only grown bigger and better with each issue. Just look at all the patterns that are included in this one!

– One Romper (size 1-14)
– Orbis Skinny Harem Pants (size 1-14)
– Kawaii Felt Purses (8 options)
– Kawaii Felt Charms (8 options)
– Kawaii Applique (3 designs)
– Sakuro Clutch
– Peg Shorts (size 3-10)
– Ultimate Suit (size 2-14)
– Party Vest (size 3-14)
– Raglan Party Dress (size nb-12)

I have been a fan of FAM for a long time (the Facebook group is so much fun, too). I think I might own most, if not all, of the patterns by now, haha. So of course when I saw the tester call for the One Romper, I had to sign up. My little one loves wearing rompers to sleep in, and she has been asking for more, especially as it's getting colder and she hates exposing her tummy at bedtime, which sometimes happens when she's wearing t-shirts.

I used a cozy sweatshirt fleece that I bought locally for this version, and used snaps at the shoulder (though buttons do work, too, which I did in this version). I love how this romper opens at the shoulder. Such a cool design. 

Although the pattern has an option for a v-neck, I like the traditional look of the round neck, so I went for that and left off the pocket because I knew she'd try to hide some of her treasures in there, and I didn't want to find any surprises in her bed come the morning. 

The great thing about this pattern is that not only is it a romper pattern -- it's also a t-shirt pattern! Yes! So of course when my big girl asked for a shirt from this beautiful fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, I couldn't say no. (I don't see it in the shop at the moment, but you can find the other knits here, and the special Club knits here.)

I had a few issues with the ribbing that I chose for the neckline -- namely that it wasn't strictly ribbing, so perhaps a poor choice (it was fine until I topstitched it). Fortunately after a wash and press post-photos, it seems to be behaving itself now, phew. 

Per my usual, I made it one size larger than I probably should have, but I think she doesn't look ridiculous in it, unlike some other dresses I've made for her that still fit, um...3 years later, hahaha. This is the very simple round-neck version without the pocket -- and I was so excited for the free long-sleeve add-on because it's getting colder and we seem to have no cold weather tops! I probably should have shortened the sleeves for her (this is something I always have to do), but...nahhhhh.

So are you curious about the shorts? (Please say yes.) They are the Peg Shorts from Tadah Patterns. I have been a longtime admirer of Tadah Patterns (check out the Facebook group for people's beautiful makes). I even own several of the patterns, but am ashamed to say I still haven't found time to sew them because they all look amazing! I've only heard good things about this company, so I was eager to try out the shorts.

My favorite feature of these shorts are the buttons at the waistband, as my daughter is not quite ready for a functional zip fly. Again, I opted for a clean look to go with the top even though there is a cute option for kawaii frills or a skirt in the front (something I will have to try when I sew a pair next summer).

I also left off the cuffs and the welt pockets in the back, mainly because she doesn't use back pockets and I liked how the lines looked without them.

The weather has gotten considerably colder here in Tokyo, so I think we will have to put away these particular shorts for the season, but I think they would be really cute in wool or corduroy, too. Hmm...

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to visit all the other blogs on this tour to see the rest of the fantastic patterns in Issue 13! 

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  1. For real Emi, That stitching on the shorts and the outfits! <3 Why you don't think your stuff is amazing is beyond me! It soooo is!

    1. Oh Karly, you always say the nicest, most supportive things!! Thank you xxx

  2. I love everything about the outfits, beautiful fabric choices and styling.

    1. Thank you, Thao! I loved your OT sewing, too. You're my hero!

  3. I bet your daughter will be so warm and comfy in her new romper :) I too prefer one piece sleepwear. It is just so snuggly! The tee turned out great, it doesn't look too big, IMHO. I think the length of the sleeves is good too. I mean, it has to last for a few months, right? The shorts are so cute!!! Love the combo of stripes and florals :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jenya. You always know what to say to sweep away all my concerns. If I could only listen to you, I think I would believe that I was really good at this sewing thing, haha!!

  4. Gorgeous colour and fabric choices always. I adore the denim shorts! How cool is that Romper too. Perfect in every way Emi!

    1. Thank you, Cathie! I'm so happy to hear that you like them -- I have been a longtime admirer of your creations, so it means so much to me!

  5. Oh these look so good! I love your sews!!!

    1. Thank you, Jen! It's always fun to see what OT has in store -- so many goodies!

  6. I love it Emi!!! I love how you mixed the stripes and the hearts. Well done! xx

    1. Thank you, Mel. Your patterns always make it so easy! <3


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