Willamette Shirt from Hey June

Hurray! It's Me Made May again -- and I made something for myself!

So if you've been following me for a while, you probably already know that I am a huge fan of Hey June patterns - for women and kids! I find the sizing is reliable (I do have to make some adjustments when sewing for myself because I am quite short at 5'1"), the tutorials are easy-to-follow, the pattern pieces come together beautifully, and the patterns are layered. Yay!

The Willamette is a great warm-weather shirt, and I made two of them during testing. Adrianna introduces the pattern in her Hey June post HERE. The one I am showing you today is my second version. I love how the pattern is beginner-friendly (no closures!), yet looks pretty snazz-a-ma-tazz, if I am allowed to use made-up words. (And I think I totally am because most of my brain cells have gone "on hiatus" while I raise my children.)

Anyway, back to the pattern. When I saw the illustrations for the Willamette Shirt, I was immediately drawn to View B because it meant I would be able to use two fabrics, and I knew exactly which two I wanted to use. I got these beautiful Art Gallery cottons from one of my favorite shops, Raspberry Creek Fabrics. If you have not yet browsed the RCF Etsy shop, I highly recommend it. Unless you're on a fabric-buying freeze, then you might want to stay away. The two prints I chose from the Bonnie Christine Wonderful Things fabrics are out of stock, but there is so much goodness there (particularly the CLUB fabrics!) you might want to have a quick browse.

Now that I see the photos, I really like the cuffs on the sleeves. At the time, I was debating about whether I should have left them off, but with the bottom panel and the facing, I don't regret my decision now. And just so you know, there is no collar stand. I know some people prefer it (why? you can see in the photo below of the back that it doesn't stand up in the same way as it would if there were a collar stand).

Sorry my shirt is all wrinkled back there and not straightened out. I assure you the shirt fits me well even with my broad shoulders. I think it got all bunched up from sitting in the car. I guess those are some of the cons of asking your husband to take some photos for you. At least, it is with mine. He never seems to notice these things. 

Oh, and fortunately, my MIL was with us so I didn't have to be freaking out about whether the children would fall into the river pictured behind me (they were too interested in playing on the big slide nearby anyway).

Now you might be thinking, "What happened here? Why aren't you wearing navy? Or black? Or grey?" Well, since I've started sewing more for myself, I have discovered that I rather enjoy wearing flower prints, raindrop prints and other weather-related prints in and among my favorite dark colors. 

Or maybe you were thinking, "What the heck are those flying fish doing behind her?" Those were in honor of Children's Day in Japan. You can read a little about the koinobori here. And if you were celebrating on May 5th, I hope you remembered to put some Iris roots in your bath.

I hope I managed to convey just how much I love this pattern. I am hoping to make a dress version for myself before the summer is over. If you want to make a shirt for yourself, you can get a copy of the Willamette pattern HERE, on sale for USD9.

Happy sewing!


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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words (as always), Emily!!

  2. Oh a dress version would be lovely! Yours is so pretty, that fabric is some of my favorite too.

    1. Thanks!! I have to get going on that dress version -- I still have a while before the summer gets going, right? ;)

  3. Very pretty! Good thing you kept te cuffs! I love those!


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