Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to the Urban Jungle Doll Tour! I'm so excited to have my daughter's cat join the parade of adorable animals.

So please allow me to introduce you to my daughter's newest friend, "Love." Love is entirely my little girl's vision (well, if you don't count the amazing design part, which came from the genius mind of the talented Celina of Petit à Petit). From the moment my youngest saw the illustrations for the Urban Jungle Dolls (the Cat comes from Crew 3), there was no doubt which ones she wanted. And yes, she wanted more than one. I haven't had a chance to make them all, as this is my first real foray into doll-making, and if my girls have anything to say about it, it will not be my last.

Have I already told you that my youngest is obsessed with cats? Like crazy about them. She always has been from when she was very little. My daughter has very firm opinions when it comes to...well, everything, and I knew she would have a strong opinion about what this cat should look like. So there was no choosing fabrics (again!) this time round. As she chose the fabric, however, I became more and more concerned. Why? Because this:

Now don't get me wrong. I love Liberty of London and nani IRO. And I love that the scraps from some of my daughters' favorite clothes went into this doll. However, I didn't think that I'd be re-living SO MANY of these favorite sews at the same time! When I expressed my worry to my husband, he laughed and said, "You know there's a big chance she won't like it. I doubt she chose all of those fabrics with the final product in mind." He had a good point, but I forged ahead anyway.   

One thing I wanted to keep a surprise was the eyes. She had initially chosen brown eyes for her cat, but I had the idea of turning them into "heart eyes." She'd seen heart eyes before, and now believes that people can actually make their eyes like the emoji. In fact, one day after talking about it, she turned to me with a big smile and asked, "Mommy, do I have heart eyes right now?" 

Luckily she loved the end result. In fact, the cat's name was a result of my daughter's delight upon seeing the eyes. You might be wondering what happened to Love's eyebrows. Well, my daughter said she didn't want her cat to have eyebrows. The reason? "Mommy, cats don't have eyebrows [for] real!" Do they? I don't really know. Another thing she told me was that cats love to dance.

Turns out Love is also a bit of a fashionista, if you hadn't already noticed, haha. The pattern for the tee (and a pair of trousers!) is included in the doll set, whether you choose just one of the crews like Crew 01 or the entire bundle. The only thing I changed with the tee was to use sew-on metal snaps in the back rather than Velcro. The skirt is basically two rectangular pieces sewn together to make a skirt.

You can also get the cute overalls pattern HERE. My daughter's cat, aside from preferring to wear skirts and dresses like her "mother," also enjoys wearing various necklaces. You might have noticed this already from the pictures above. Here is another one that she likes (or so I'm told):

Another thing - did you know cats like dancing? Apparently they love ballroom dancing and flying through the air, haha. 

And they love warm hugs. 

Thank you, Celina, for such a wonderful pattern and for having me on this tour! 
If you want a chance to win your very own bundle, you can enter the giveaway HERE.

This is your chance to win:
- The Urban Jungle Animal Doll pattern bundle (this includes 15 animals + the Basic Clothing).
- All of the Petit à Petit patterns.
- 25$ Gift card from Chalk and Notch
- 1 pattern of your choice from Paisley Roots
- 1 yard of Christmas fabric from Emily of enjoyful_makes

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  1. So super cute and I loved reading the story behind this. I'm glad she ended up loving the result as well, phew!

    1. Thank you, dear Mie! In the time that it took me to respond, my daughter and her Cat have become inseparable, lol! And she reminded me today that she is STILL waiting for her Bird and Alicorn, haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Olu!! It made for a nice departure from garment sewing, and I was surprised at how quickly it came together (well, once I figured out how NOT to stuff the limbs!).

  3. I have all the heart eyes for Love! She is perfect in every way, from beautiful fabrics to love heart shaped eyes and necklaces ;) As I have an absolutely cat obsessed child at home I do know that they like dancing and cuddling :) I hope you daughter will enjoy a lot of dancing with Love :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Jenya! Cats are indeed perfect for dancing and cuddling. And we have found recently that they are also great for keeping little girls feeling safe and secure in their beds at night! ;-)


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